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Corrina Bickle

Corrina Bickle

Certified Ideal Protein Coach

A Snohomish County native, born and raised. Once I hit my 30’s, my general health was steadily going downhill. I realized that I needed to do something about it and made a decision that changed not only the way I physically look and feel but also how I approach life.  I found Ideal Protein through a friend, and did my own research on the program.  Ideal Protein works!
I began the program in February of 2013, lost 70 pounds and learned how to successfully keep it off for good. I chose to become a coach because I believe in this program – not only how but why it works.
As someone who has “been there,” I love being on the other side of the experience so that I can help you through it with experience, knowledge and encouragement!
Jessica Logan

Jessica Logan

Certified Ideal Protein Coach & Certified Health Coach

I am born and raised in Washington and absolutely love working here at Ideal Wellness. I’ve had an interesting journey that has led me to my position here as a Certified Ideal Protein Coach. In the past, I have gone through a bad anxiety and depression struggle. I ended up changing my lifestyle holistically, with my diet being the first to change, and have built myself back up to be the upbeat person I am today. The mind-body connection is very strong, and as I struggled with my mind, I struggled with my weight. I would fluctuate and go 30 pounds overweight, to 30 pounds underweight neither of them healthy!

Today, Ideal Protein helps me maintain my perfect weight and keeps me in check if I find myself eating bad to get in tune with my emotions. Because of my personal journey, I went to school at Eastern Washington University and got my BA in Psychology, and then went on to get my certification in holistic health coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  In my free time, I’m either hiking, outside with my puppy, or working on my personal coaching business where I work with individuals struggling with anxiety and depression to change their lives holistically with nutrition, nature, and self-care.

Tara McKinney

Tara McKinney

Certified LipoMelt Tech

My path has been one which has taken me from coast to coast with many stops in between. I am blessed to have received two amazing kids along the way who I’ve watched grow into fine young adults. They are the truest joy in my life. My life and career have always been helping people in whatever industry I find myself in. My heart is always bent to the service and aid of other people as they work to better their lives.

After many years of struggling with my weight and self-image, and trying various programs to become a healthy person at a good weight, I found Ideal Wellness.  Together with the partnership of a friend who was pursuing her own weight loss journey I have lost   50lbs.  This was the first program I found that I could commit to and as a result got incredible results. It gave me a freedom and confidence in my life that makes each day count in an amazing way. The team of coaches share a philosophy that is not only encouraging but creates a genuinely supportive and safe environment. Their coaching and support has given me my life back and added a quality to living that I have not experienced in years; essentially a new lease on life for me.

Currently, I am a Lipomelt Technician for Ideal Wellness. It is very rewarding to be a part of a team that encourages others with their personal care journey and I look forward to contributing to healthy personal goals for clients as well as myself!

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Wonderful clinic and coaches! This is the easiest diet plan and it really works! I love IP!