You’ve lost the weight, but now what? 

Weight loss is an amazing feat, but it can leave many people feeling lost and confused as well as full of fear to gain back the weight they worked so hard to lose!

Have no fear! This is where we shine here at Ideal Wellness. Our mission is to not only help you lose the weight, but the keep it off! Becuase of this passion for healthy living and weight maintenance we have launched our maintenance mastery classes. These classes are intended for those in or near maintenance however if you are in phase 1 please contact us to learn more. These classes are not to replace your monthly coaching appointments though! 

The classes will be held monthly at each location on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Smokey Point and the 2nd Thursday of the month at Mill Creek at 6:00PM.

Each month we will focus in on a specific topic and share with each other our best tips and lessons learned on those topics. Your coach will moderate the class but this will also be an open forum to share with others.

Topic for OCTOBER:

             Food shopping for your new lifestyle


Attending these classes will allow you to:

• Share obstacles, fears, frustrations with others, you are not alone in this journey!

• Share your experiences

• Learn from your peers

• Open up and reach out to others for support

$10 fee holds your spot at the meeting. This can then be used as a credit for any purchase at Ideal Wellness.

To RSVP please do so on our scheduling site HERE or on our Facebook Page HERE