How to lose weight fast!

How to lose weight fast!

By: Jessica Logan

You know that feeling when you find a new diet, and you are so excited, you see the testimonials and success of others and your encouragement is at an all-time high. You want to know how to lose weight  fast! You start. Day one, going great! Day two, whoa- this is harder than I expected. Day three- temptation and cravings intensify, and next thing you know you’re reaching for the chocolate brownie and caramel latte you used to have every afternoon.

Having a coach with your diet plan will help you lose weight fast.

Weight loss coaching is the use of personal coaching techniques to bring about long-term weight loss. Here are 5 reasons why hiring a weight loss coach will help you lose weight.

  1. Your coach is your personal support system.

Studies have shown that you are more likely to stick to a program when you have someone supporting you and encouraging you through the process. A coach is by your side, checking in, motivating you, and keeping you on track. They help hold you accountable for your actions. You coach also knows the ins and outs of how to lose weight fast!

  1. Coaches understand the connection between the mind and the body.

It’s more than just eating kale. Your coach understands that weight loss is about the balance in all areas of your life. Sleep, stress and anxiety, hydration, and happiness all play a role.

  1. A coach helps work your diet into your individual lifestyle.

Not everyone has time to attend a morning yoga class, cook three meals a day, take the dog for a jog, grocery shop frequently for fresh ingredients, have a night-time meditation routine and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Coaches understand this, and work with you to make weight loss convenient in your life. It doesn’t matter if you work nights or play taxi with 4 kids, weight loss should be easy and achievable.

  1. They help you keep the weight you’ve lost off- for good.

Statistics have proven that keeping a coach after weight loss will help you keep that weight off for good. They teach you how to create a new lifestyle rather than follow short-term diet. They show how food can be fun and you can still enjoy all of the foods you loved before, but in a way that makes maintaining your ideal weight achievable.

  1. They make weight loss less overwhelming.

Whether you have 20 or 120 to lose, the idea of having to change your lifestyle to lose weight is scary. There are some big sacrifices that need to be made. A coach can take these big sacrifices and scary thoughts and break them up into bite-sized action steps and keep you from feeling like the task is beyond reach. Your coach is here to help teach you and with the help of your coach you too will learn how to lose weight fast!


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Resolve to improve your health this year!

Resolve to improve your health this year!

Did the holidays take their toll on you? If you are like most Americans you gained weight this holiday season and it;s time for healthy new years resolutions! If you are like 48 percent of Americans you are resolving to lose weight this year.

That is a great resolution to make, but what about the other health issues beyond weight? This year, rather than just resolving to stick to a budget, read more, and of course lose weight, make a healthy new years resolutions to improve your health inside and out.

A few ideas to get you started are:

• Home products. Do you use harsh chemicals to clean, wash the dishes and do the laundry? Swap them out with safer organic or natural options. These are widely available at most grocery resolve to get healthy this year!stores and the price is very close to the chemical laden options. Start with your laundry soap and wash your sheets, you spend a third of your life there.

• Bath and Body. We are exposed to nearly 200 chemicals in our products from our typical morning routines. The skin is the largest organ in the body making absorption of these chemicals very high. Start by swapping out a few easy items from your daily routine, like your toothpaste or deodorant. If your products claim they are “natural” or safe, check the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website to see where they rank with a chemical safety score.

• Make Up. Just like our bath and body products there are many harsh chemicals in our makeup, nail polish and perfumes. Start by swapping out some simple items like nail polish or a lipstick.

• In the Kitchen. A bit more costly but simple swap is moving to glass containers for foods. If you tend to have leftovers, storing them in glass containers is much safer than plastic. Especially if you will be reheating them the next day. The toxic chemicals in plastic (like BPA’s) leach out into your food making that delicious healthy dinner from last night not so yummy the next day.

• Swap your closet. Many stain free and wrinkle free clothing are made so by adding harsh chemicals to the material. While this may be a very convenient item to have they usually contain formaldehyde which is not so convenient for your body to deal with.

With all of the claims on health and wellness products on the market it can be hard to know what to choose. If you are serious about making the switch to living a cleaner and healthier life spend some time studying up on the issue. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to this, ask a friend to help. If you each tackle a topic you can get a few great solutions for each area you wish to improve. If you are still struggling it might be time to consider hiring your own certified health coach to help you make and stick to healthy new years resolutions.

There is an overwhelming amount of changes you can make in your life and home to reduce the amount of chemicals you and your family are exposed to. It can be time consuming and costly to do them all but if you just pick one or two areas to focus on you will start to improve your health. Little by little you will be improving your overall health rather than becoming more toxic!

If you pick a few each month by this time next year you can have made enough small changes to address all aspects of the home and body.

Emily Countryman is a board certified health coach and owner of Ideal Wellness in Marysville. She can be reached online at

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Healthy for the Holidays

Healthy for the Holidays

Worried about how to get it all done for the upcoming Holidays? Do you always end up with so many items on your list to prepare for the holidays that the moments are gone before you have even had a chance to enjoy it? The first step in enjoying and thriving this holiday season is to make sure you stay healthy. It’s time for healthy holidays! Here are some tips to keep healthy during the holidays:

• Be prepared and boost your immune system. More people are indoors and traveling over the holidays. Before big gatherings and travel make sure you are ready. Take high quality supplements such as vitamin C, turmeric and Echinacea. Or a great immunity boost blend of herbs and supplements.

• Indulge in a little too much holiday cheer? If you have had more alcohol this holiday season, make sure your diet contains cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli and lettuce to support your liver and immune function and help the liver flush extra toxins.

• Keep active. The holidays are a nice time to stay inside and cozy up, but don’t let it keep you too sedentary. Try an indoor fitness class or bundle up and go on a walk to enjoy the lights or even do some caroling.

• Too much to fit in this season? Then just say no. There is nothing wrong with spending a quiet evening at home to recharge instead of attending another event you really don’t need to be at. Your sanity will thank you for it.

• Did Thanksgiving leave you feeling over stuffed? Now is the best time to slim down and get the food under control before the holidays hit hard. December seems to be the month of eating. It can be very overwhelming for you and your waistline. Here are a few ways to combat all that food:

• Have healthy meals on hand. Spend some time filling up the freezer with quick and easy healthy dinners. On those busy days they are easy to pop in the oven without having to resort to another evening of pizza delivery.

• Rethink your drink. Alcohol has a large amount of calories, carbs and sugars and they will add up quickly. Try swapping a few high calorie drinks like that spiked Eggnog for something less indulgent such as a vodka tonic or a mimosa. And don’t forget to hydrate with good old-fashioned water.

• Cut out the BLT’s. No, I am not referring to the sandwich but the bites, licks and tastes. Those little bites while baking and cooking add up quick. It is said you can consume up to 500 extra calories while preparing for a holiday feast or event by sneaking in those extra BLT’s. Avoid that by chewing on some gum.

• Know when to splurge. You don’t want to feel restricted from your holiday favorites, but just like dealing with an angry toddler, you need to pick your battles. If you know the sugar cookies are your favorite treat at the holidays, go ahead and have one or two … but don’t also have all of the other items at the desert table as well. Know before you go what your few splurges will be and stop at that, you will feel much better come New Years Day when you start making those weight loss resolutions.

Now stop, relax, and enjoy the healthy holidays.

Emily Countryman is a board certified health coach and owner of Ideal Wellness in Marysville. She can be reached online at

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Do you need to Lean On Me?

Do you need to Lean On Me?

Lean on Me?Do you have enough weight loss support?

It is said: Falling down is part of life; Getting back up is Living! This is so true with those who struggle with weight loss issues. A huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it! In the beginning, when motivations are high, weight loss seems easier.

As the work and focus of day-to-day weight loss moves forward, motivation diminishes and we realize that it is not going to happen overnight. (Where is that EASY BUTTON?)   We all experience speed bumps along our weight loss journey. We start, get discouraged, slow down, and some even stop.

Even as the weight loss process has been described as “lonely” in that it is “you”, any only “you” that can make the necessary changes to become successful, no one is on the journey alone! The lyrics of the song, “Lean On Me”,  have great reminders of how important it is to have a healthy, strong support group to lean on when speed bumps slow down or prevent desired weight loss progress. (more…)

We need to have THE TALK

We need to have THE TALK

We need to have the talkConstipation, it happens and this blog is getting personal! It’s time we had “The Talk” no, not the one your parents had with you about the birds and the bees, we need to talk about…Constipation!

We know this is a personal issue however it needs to be discussed so let’s dive in!

First off we need to figure out if you are really constipated. Many will mistake the lack of substance in their bowel movements for constipation. While on Ideal Protein you will consume less mass therefor excrete less mass. Check out the chart HERE for the Bristol Stool Chart and see where you rank.

Secondly, the easy solution is to make sure you are following the protocol to the letter! This is a must if you want to have a healthy bathroom break. You need all 64+ ounces of water, all of your supplements, all of your vegetables and don’t forget your leafy greens!

Still stuck even though you are following everything perfectly on the program? Then you may be truly constipated. Constipation can be a real issue in weight loss but no need to fret we have many solutions for you:

  • You may be lacking in Magnesium. We have a great new supplement in the office called CALM, grab a sample or buy a canister next time you are in!
  • Drink more water. If you are already getting in your 64oz you may still be dehydrated. The true goal for water is half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. So for a person weighing 200lbs their goal is 100oz of water daily.
  • It’s time for a cleanse with Total Tea! This is a rock star in helping treat and prevent constipation while helping you detox. Detoxing is a necessary component to weight loss. Many toxins are stored in the fat cell and as we lose weight we need to get those toxins out also! We recommend starting the Total Tea Gentle Detox regiment by at least week 4-5 of the program. Grab a box next time you are in.
  • Anti-oxy, enzymes and probiotics can all help prevent the issue from occurring again. We have all of these in the clinic so ask your coach about them next time you are in.
  • DO NOT take a fiber supplement! If you are already suffering from constipation a fiber supplement can act almost as cement and make the problem worse.
  • If the problem is very severe you may need a super hero like the Senna (found in the clinic) or Smooth Move Tea found at many grocery stores.

If you are still having issues talk with your coach next time you are in! We are here to help.

Do you have a great constipation solution? Comment below and let us know!

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Surviving Easter {on Ideal Protein}

Surviving Easter {on Ideal Protein}

Surviving Easter on Ideal Protein Hoppy Easter fellow IP(eepers)

If you’re like us you have a brunch or get together coming up this week. You probably have an Easter Egg Hunt or Easter Baskets to prepare and chocolate, Peeps and Jelly Bellies are EVERYWHERE! You are nervous about how to stay on track with Ideal Protein and avoid these temptations.

What do you do?!

You plan and prepare! If you have kids and you are making them Easter Baskets DO NOT include your favorite treats! I repeat, DO NOT include those Peeps or Cadbury eggs if you know they will tempt you too much. Better yet why not do no candy at all?

Maybe I’m the mean green mom who just does coloring books, iTunes cards, nail polish and coins/money but my kids get candy from the Easter Egg Hunt they go to, so why add to the madness?

Attending a brunch or event? This is the perfect opportunity to bring those Ideal Protein Friendly deviled eggs! We have included the recipe below, be sure to stop by our office this week and grab some Walden Farms Amazin’ Mayo to complete them. Your guests wont even know the difference!

Ideal Protein DEVILED EGGS

   Large Eggs (hard-boiled)

2-3 tsp Walden Farms Amazin’ Mayo

1-2 tsp Yellow Mustard

No sugar dill pickle relish
Sea salt & black pepper to taste Paprika for garnish (optional)

Slice eggs lengthwise and remove yolks. Mash together 3-6 yolks with mayo, mustard, and dill pickle relish. Season to taste. Spoon mixture evenly into egg halves and garnish with paprika. Try something spicy and add some jalapeños!

Tell us what you favorite Ideal Protein friendly Easter dish is!

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