Can you have weight loss at Halloween? Yes, we know you can! Why not lose weight through the holidays now and this season rather than gain? Halloween can be tricky with candy, EVERYWHERE!

Here are some of our top tips to stay on track when Halloween is trying to give you a Trick!

Go Trick-or-Treating: Yep, go for it! Take your kids out, you’ll get some exercise and fresh air. Feeling tempted to sneak a treat? Bring an Ideal Protein Bar or a hot travel mug of coffee or tea with you to get you warm and full.

Delegate: Do you have a friend or older child not going trick-or-treating that can man your front door? Put someone else on the job of candy handouts so you aren’t even around it. Have someone else pick up the candy for you from the store or if you need to purchase it keep it in a closet or the garage until the 31st!

Buy the icky stuff: Do you love Snickers or Mars Bars? Then if you must buy candy for trick-or-treaters then buy some Skittles or Starburst or candies that you don’t love. This way you won’t be as tempted to snack all night.

Are you enjoying maintenance this year for Halloween? Try some of the tips from our Pumpkin Spiced Belly article to make healthier pumpkin recipes this year.

Whatever tips you use this Halloween remember this is only temporary. If you love the candy at Halloween it’s very important that you start developing new habits now in Phase 1 that will help you avoid sabotage next year at Halloween when you are in maintenance. Those “Fun Size” candies are not so fun the next week if you’ve over indulged and are doing a week of phase one for a Tune Up!