Are you struggling to feel fulfilled on a diet? Maybe this sounds familiar…

You’ve recently started the Ideal Protein diet. You were so excited to lose all your weight. You met with your coach, and the two of you helped create your goal weight. It’s achievable, it’s desirable. The first few weeks were great. You figured out a system that works. You figured out the right plan for your lifestyle, all the little things like what to keep with you for your drive home because you are always starving at that time of day, or how many sliced cucumber you need to slice Sunday to have enough munchies at your desk to last a week.

But then reality sets in.

You go out to dinner, and you order a water. Drive past the fast food, you pass the ice cream stand, you pass the espresso stand. You go to the grocery store to get your veggies, and it’s everywhere. Everything you ever wanted at that current moment is in every direction you look.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. You can be fulfilled on a diet!!

The key to feeling fulfilled on the diet is by changing your mindset. Instead of focusing on all of the foods you no longer get, focus on all of the foods you DO get.

You get to try new foods.  

Jicama, cilantro, fennel, okra. Is this even real life?

You get to experiment with new flavor combinations.

I bet you’ve never tried a jicama, radish, fennel coleslaw. Pair that with some fresh grilled seafood and now you’re talking.

You can look forward to the protein and veggie meal you get to create yourself.

This is your time to get fancy. All day, when the cravings present itself, just remember you get the best dinner of your life tonight, and tomorrow night, and the night after that! Tonight it might be flank steak stuffed with mushroom, spinach, and red pepper flakes. Tomorrow, it might be creole/Cajun-inspired oven roasted pork tenderloin with a side of roasted spicy Brussel sprouts. There’s nothing wrong with living large!

You get to learn to love to cook.

Cooking is like an art. There are no rules. And you get to create what inspires you. While you may not be the best cook now, by experimenting in the kitchen because you’re excited to learn rather than cooking as a chore, you will get to watch your own skills transform.