Easting out on Ideal Protein Have you attempted an evening out yet? If not you may be afraid of how to handle all of the options and temptations. We have good news for you, it can be done, you can enjoy eating out on Ideal Protein in fact we challenge you to dine out once this week if you haven’t already! If you are feeling nervous follow these tips to make it a good experience.


Get ready for the Restaurant:


  • Chose wisely. Not just the meal, chose your restaurant wisely. Are you tempted by the dessert cart at your favorite Italian place or the tortilla chips at your favorite Mexican joint? Let’s skip those options this time. If you aren’t the one choosing the location ask the server to please not bring the chips to the table or wheel the dessert cart by you after the meal.
  • Do your homework. If you know in advance where you will be dining look up the menu on-line and have an idea of what you will order ahead of time. Drink lots of water throughout the meal and of course, enjoy the company and the experience! When it comes to Eating Out on Ideal Protein you need to be prepared.
  • Ordering. What can you order and how should you order it?
    • Chose a good lean protein; chicken or salmon work well. Make sure you say “No cream or sauce please” This way the salmon wont come drenched in that delicious brown sugar spread!
    • Pick a salad as an appetizer if the group is ordering appetizers and you know you will struggle if you don’t have something. Ask for no cheese, no dressing and no croutons. Use your travel pack of Walden Farms dressing or just chose the olive oil.
    • To make vegetable ordering simpler, blame it on allergies. Say, “I have some food allergies, so the veggies I can eat are, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus. Do you have any of those available?” Then order them steamed and request “no butter”. They like to drizzle melted butter on them to make them taste better. Or better yet tell them you are allergic to dairy!


“If you fail to plan then plan on failing”

Don’t get caught out without something you can eat that is allowed. Even one cheat or deviation will impact your weight loss. If you want to go out at lunch then just follow the “dinner” guidelines on the phase 1 sheet and then at dinner you would follow the lunch guidelines. Enjoy eating out on Ideal Protein!

Leave us a comment and let us know where you are going out to eat this week!

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