Weight Loss Teeter TotterAre you frustrated your weight loss isn’t where you want it to be? Do you feel like the minute you make some progress it’s un-done by a bad food decision? Us too. It’s exhausting and it’s time to get off the weight loss teeter-totter.

We call it a teeter–totter because one day you are on the right path and 100% committed to following the program and getting to your weight loss goal. The teeter-totter is heading down, down, down. The next day (or bite or meal) you have fallen off track and the teeter-totter has sprung back up!

It’s time to STOP and get off of that weight loss teeter-totter. The only way to have success with Ideal Protein is to commit 100% Every time you start it takes about three days to get into ketosis, or “The Fat Burning Mode” you know, the good part where you aren’t hungry, you’re burning fat and you’re full of energy! The issue is when we make it here and aren’t being 100% compliant we fill up our carb tank again and the teeter-totter springs the other way. We get upset and tell ourselves we will be better tomorrow. We are good for just enough time to get back into ketosis, and we slip up AGAIN! Before we know it three weeks have gone by and we are in the same place we started, only we have been miserable for those three weeks. It’s time to stop the madness and hop off!

Here are some tips to stopping the cycle and committing to your plan once and for all:

  • Figure out your WHY. Why do you want to lose weight? Remember this reason each time you are tempted to go off plan and stick to it. “It’s not will power we need. It’s why power”.
  • Set a date. I find it’s easier for me to stay on phase 1 when I have something I am looking towards. Maybe it’s The 4th of July, your birthday, a wedding you are attending, etc. Figure out how far out that event is and backtrack what you need to do each week. Breaking the goal down into smaller pieces also helps it not seem overwhelming.
  • Get tough. No exceptions, no excuses! It’s time for some tough love. If you make excuses for yourself every time you slip up you wont get anywhere. On the flip side every time you say “no” to something off plan you strengthen your “no” muscle and it gets easier each time!
  • Reward yourself! Start small and set up a reward system for how many days you stay perfect on your plan. An example could be:
    • 1 solid day on plan and you will wear your favorite earrings, use your favorite purse or wear your favorite tie that day.
    • 3 solid days on plan and you will treat yourself to a new nail polish, new trinket or fun app for your phone.
    • A solid week on the plan you will get a massage, a pedicure or maybe your spouse will get in on the fun and mow the yard or do the laundry for you!
      • Remember NOT to use food as a reward though!

Good luck and remember you are worth it and you deserve to look, feel, and be your healthiest self!

Let us know what your favorite commitment tips are to staying 100% on track and getting off the weight loss teeter-totter in the comments below!

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