Are you panicking for the Mother’s Day brunch you have coming up this weekend? Have you already been thinking about the Danishes, fruit plate or treats that will line the buffet table or your family kitchen? There is no need to panic, we have your back! WE will help you survive Mother’s Day on Ideal Protein!

Tips to surviving Mother’s Day while on Ideal Protein:

Make a Plan: Do you know you will beMother's Day on Ideal Protein Plan ahead and eat ahead. If you are going to an intimate family gathering bring your own Ideal Protein pancake (the chocolate chip one is delish) or make mini muffins out of them ahead of time. If you are going to a buffet then you should plan ahead to get your vegetables in before or after as they might not be available. Drink a lot of water and load up on eggs or an omelet-hold the cheese, with some peppers, mushrooms or lean ham mixed in.

Drink Swap: Will those mimosa be tempting you? Bring your own drink or make your own there. Try the Peach-Mango Sweet Leaf Water Drops in your sparkling water or the Ideal Protein Orange Drink blended with ice and a splash of Vanilla ready-made like an Orange Julius. You better share with mom because that will make an enviable drink!

Give her the gift of health: Did you know the best gift you could give you mom is health and confidence? Why not give her a gift certificate to do Ideal Protein rather than yet another sweater set or perfume. The most successful dieters are those who have a buddy! Whether it is your mom, dad, spouse, friend or co-worker an accountability partner will make the process so much more fun and rewarding. Show your mom you love her by giving her the priceless gift of health!

If you need some encouragement, recipes or tips be sure to stop in and see your coach this week. We are open Tuesday-Saturday at the Smokey Point Clinic.


Do you have a great tip for getting through Mother’s Day while staying on Ideal Protein? Leave a comment and let us know!

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