Kill the Cravings without Killing yourself!What do you do when the cravings devil on your shoulder is screaming CHOCOLATE and the cravings angel on the other shoulder is shouting KALE!

They are a killer and we all get them! But there is good news! You can do these three simple tricks to kill those cravings. This doesn’t mean you will never want chocolate again but you can cut the cravings and make them manageable.

1) STOP and ask yourself why? Why do you want the chocolate? (or bread or pasta, etc) Are you bored? Are you tired? Have you had your next meal for the day or are you hungry? Examine why you want that item and get to the root of the issue.

2) THIRSTY? Maybe you are just dehydrated. Many times dehydration will show up as hunger! Before you even think about that cheat drink an entire glass of water. Still want that cheat? Do this final step…

3) Ask yourself, is this worth it? Is this piece of chocolate worth the 3-5 pounds I am going to lose this week by staying on track? Is there a replacement item I can eat? Try an Ideal Protein Chocolate Ready-Made drink or an Ideal Protein Cookie Dough Swirl Bar instead!

It’s said a craving doesn’t last longer than 7 minutes and it’s the decision-making of the craving, not the food itself, causing the desire. If you tell yourself as soon as the craving hits NO, I will not be eating that now but I will have a small treat after dinner. The craving will dissipate. Set eating times for yourself and if you know you are hungry every few hours allow for snacks at those times. Craving sugar? Try some jicama or sliced bell peppers!

Remember you are in charge not your cravings! You have come too far to take orders from a cookie!

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